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Emergency Kits & Tools

Car Emergency Kits 

An emergency is part of life. At any point in your life, you have to face it. In normal times when you are at your home or office, you can manage any kind of emergency but while you are on a  road trip you may sometime stick at a place where you do not know anyone and you cannot get anything to get rid of any kind of emergency you had. You must have an emergency bag with you in your transport so that you can tackle that tough time. SehgalMotors.PK offering you a variety of products that you can keep in your emergency kits during your road trip so that you can enjoy more conveniently in your journey. 

We have Fire Extinguisher, SOS Emergency Kit, First Aid Kit, Emergency Anti-Skid Tires Snow Chains, Maximus 2 Cylinder Heavy Duty Air Compressor Tool Kit, Tool Set Kit Tools House Hold 11PC, Electronic jack With Drill, Tow Hook Rope Belt, Sos Emergency Kit Premium, Emergency Towing Steel Wire Rope, Wynns Tool Box Green, Briefcase Sos Emergency Kit Premium, Tire Inflator Pump With Tool Kit, Car Towing Rob, Emergency SOS Kit. These things must be in your car during your road trip. You can buy these products from our cash and carry stores and can order online from our website SehgalMotors.PK.

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