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Windshield & Glass Wash

Windshield & Glass Wash Accessories

How often you fear that external circumstances might ruin your windsheild. Be that the weather or poor maintenance techniques from yourself. You also want to make sure that your car's windshield doesn't get any scratches and isn't ruined in any shape or form. Thinking of a solution? Well, think no more, we here at have got you covered with Windshield & Glass Wash Accessories. These are high quality products having best results including great features like Removes oil film on the glass strongly., Suitable for car glass, window glass, all mirrors and TV screens,.Provide protection against re-contamination and keep cleanliness of glass, Safely applicable to all vehicle mirrors etc. SehgalMotors.PK has a collection of these washers our list has: Bullsone Firstclass Glass Cleaner, Getsun Windshield Washer, Formula 1 Windshield Wash, Car Windshield Spray Cleaner, Windshield Washer tablet, Sonax Xtreme Wind Screen Wash Cleaner , Tonyin Anti-Fog Spray, Good Year Rain Drop Repellent Agent, Bullsone Deicer Spray, and there are lot more too in the collection. You can buy these products from our cash and carry stores and can order online from our website SehgalMotors.PK. 

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