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Micro Fiber Cloth & Accessories

Micro Fiber Cloth & Accessories

Cars play a very important role in your life just like your home and other precious and important things as your car is a beautiful metal and precious as well. You must take care of it keenly in order to keep its working long-lasting and efficient. From your vehicle, you need to keep off dirt, dust, and debris as well in order to keep it neat and clean by whipping out properly. Even the tiniest part of dust from your vehicle can be picked up nicely and easily from your vehicle with the help of Microfiber clothe, By using another kind of Car Cleaning clothes for cleaning there is a possibility of having scratches on the surface of your car because they do not have soft threads so that they can harm your car cover. SehgalMotors.PK offers you high-quality Microfiber Cloths that are available at affordable prices and give long-lasting results. We are offering Maximus Professional Grade Microfiber Cloth, Car Care Brush, Maximus Premium Luxury Towel Yellow Brown - MX-DAN001, Maximus Microfiber Super Soft Cloth, Maximus Nano Detailing Microfiber Bucket Kit - 10 Pieces, Maximus Dual Action Wash Mitt Gloves - MX-DAWM001, Chamois Cleaner Cloth, Maximus Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel - MX-WM001, Maximus Wash Mitt Rabbit Fur Gloves - MX-RFG001, Maximus Cotton Mit Gloves, Maximus Water Magnet Pad, Maximus Premium Luxury Towel, Maximus Microfiber Long Duster, Maximus Car Big Duster and Wash Brush, Maximus Flexipad Clay Mitt, Super Clean Magic Hi-Tech Gel Dust Cleaner, KTM Buffer Foam, Detailing Brush 3 Way, Microfiber Noodle Wash Mitt Sponge, Armor All Microfiber Glass Cloth, Maximus Premium Synthetic Wheel Brush, Sonax Care Pad For Plastic, Sonax Textile & Leather Brush, Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator, Kenco Microfiber Jumbo Long Pile Wash Pad, Audi and Mercedes Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cloth, Sonax Premium Class Leather Care Kit and many other different products. You can buy these products from our stores and you can buy online from our website SehgalMotors.PK 

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