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Detailing Car Washers and Machines

Detailing Car Wash and Machine 

Washing your car is not an easy task although it is compulsory to keep your car neat and clean timely so that its keep working efficiently without any issue. Cleaning your car needs assistance supervision as sometimes you may not be able to clean it properly or by doing it yourself you can damage any part of it. There are many of the car washing stations are now have been built in our society that gives you car washing services for your ease. But the issue is that they are charging a very high amount of money for their services. For this issue, there is a solution which is the introduction of new and innovative car washing tools that are available at reasonable prices but also can be used easily at your home to wash your cars. SehgalMotors.PK Offers you a variety of Detailing Car Washers and Machines that helps your car washing very easy and quick by doing it yourself. A variety of high-quality Car Washing products with affordable prices includes Car Wash Foam Cannon, Karcher K2-K5 Adapter Foam Jet, Maximus Heavy Duty Extreme High Pressure Washer, Car Washer Pipe, EZ Jet Multifunctional Water Cannon Spray Gun, Washer Pipe Gun, On-Board Car Washing Machine Pressure Washer, Maximus Pressure Washer Gun, Karcher Foam Nozzle FJ6, Portable Automatic Extreme Car Washer, Karcher SE 4001 Upholstery Cleaning Hand Nozzle, Karcher Fleece Vacuum Filter Bags WD 5 WD 6, Karcher Dirt Blaster High Pressure Lance, CPT Jet Pressure Washer 120 Bar, Maximus Multifunctional Pressure Washer Vacuum Cleaner & Dryer, Karcher Deluxe Irrigation Set, Karcher WV 1 - Window Cleaning, Karcher High-Pressure Rotary Wash Brush, Karcher Cartridge Vacuum Filter WD 5 WD 6, Karcher Floor Polisher - FP 303, Motorcycle Road and Off-Road Detailing Kit 8 Piece, SONAX Clay Disc also we have washers of Hyundai, Energizer and Bosch as well. You can buy these products from our stores and online as well from our website SehgalMotors.PK  

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