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Additives & Lubricant Treatments

Additives & Lubricants Accessories

Lubricants are used in order to reduce the mutual contact due to friction among two surfaces that can generate heat during moving of surfaces among each other this liquid will resist this. It can cool and heat the surface along with transportation of foreign particles and transmitting of forces between two surfaces as well. This function which reduces friction among surfaces is called Lubricity. In automobiles lubricants are used to resist the friction in oil of automobile. There are several brands lubricants and additives are introduced in the market that not only helps to keep your car engine’s oil in high efficiency and keeps its parts clean for better working as well.

SehgalMotors.PK has all variety of additives & Lubricants including Kangaroo Carburetor Cleaner , Kangaroo Cosmic 40 Power Lubricant , AIM Carb Cleaner, STP Air Con Cleaner , Bullsone Shot Premium Fuel System Cleaning And Protection For Gasoline Engine, STP Radiator Flush, Flamingo Octane Booster, Bullsone Total Fuel System Cleaner For Motorbike, TW Radiator Flusher and Cleaner, 7CF Anti-Rust Spray Lubricant 450ml, Sonax Professional Drilling & Cutting Oil , and many others brands of high quality and affordable prices that you can buy from our stores and can get online from our website SehgalMotors.PK

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